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AI can quickly learn to solve any problem.

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As close to a live operator as possible

Add effects to make it even more silimar to a real call center. More than 60 languages are supported.
Debt notifications
Employee performance or service quality
Utility data collection

Constantly developing and learning

This is a neural network that understands language and converts it into a digital form. The best Russian-language processor is trained on billions of support messages from the Yandex ecosystem, which is one of the largest Russian-language databases in the world.
The robot can call the customer and find out if they’re satisfied with the quality of a service, delivery, or goods.
The robot can inform customers about promotions and changes in office and store schedules and hours.
The robot can recognize the topic of the call, carry out an initial consultation, respond to all questions, or transfer the customer to the necessary human operator.
The robot can call job candidates, confirm their status and required skills, ask questions, schedule an interview, and even prepare them for their first day at work.

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