Automation of your support team, staff and sales. Reducing support costs by up to 70%
Automation of processing up to 70% of customer requests
Analytics of your data and forming an initial automation strategy
Increasing customer satisfaction by 10-40%
Fast and convenient implementation in any infrastructure via API
Increasing response speed by dozens of times
Quick change of logic in the interface
Verified product
More than 100 millions of messages were answered by our algorithms for dozens of companies.
Support automation strategy
Experienced strategic consultants who have built dozens of support departments for services from the Yandex ecosystem will work with you.
Unique technologies
Support AI is a recognized leader in the fill of AI.

Old support department vs. SupportAI
Old support department
Slow answers
Answer and waiting time — seconds

Slow change of logic
Changing support logic in minutes

The human factor
Friendly AI that you can’t deceive

Time-intensive automation
The most convenient and fast integration

Dissatisfied customers
Happy customers who received a response on time
AI Technology
Neural System that understands and converts language into digital form. Our models work in 100+ languages.
A unique decision-making system that allows to minimize risks and fraud cases, avoids critical mistakes in responses.
In addition to text messages our neural system will pull all the necessary information from photos and voice calls.
Try an assistant
SupportAI — automation of your support team. 
Reducing support costs by up to 70%.
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